Red Lion Dental Plans

Why chose our plan? 

  • No deductibles to pay or hidden costs. Co-payments figured in a straight-forward manner.

  • No pre-existing condition clause is in our plan.

  • You don’t have to deal with a 3rd party administrator for a dispute on coverage. We discuss everything here and you know what is covered.

  • Since there is no 3rd party administrator, we operate our plan more efficiently and can be more flexible in administering the Plan.

  • If you have an emergency, you can get in immediately without having to wait.

  • Plans designed to pay for routine maintenance and have excellent coverage for higher cost service.

  • The benefit cap rate is a very high $2000 for the Platinum Plus plan which is considerably higher than traditional insurance or other self-administered plans.

  • Implants are a covered service at a 15% discount which most insurance plans do not cover.

  • Benefit coverage applies immediately. Insurance plans will have waiting periods for Type II and Type III services. There is a 12-month initial contract but you can use benefits now while on the plan.

  • There are no claim forms to file. Administration is completed by the dental office. There is no rejection of claims from a 3rd party or administrator.

  • Since there is no 3rd party administrator, the monthly premium cost of the plan is cheaper for the benefits you receive because you're not paying for that layer of administration.

  • Plans customized by the dental office for the patient to use the services they need. Insurance companies don't want you to use their plan and set them up so you don't have coverage for what you need. We want you to maintain your oral healthcare.

  • Co-pays can be lower than insurance for out-of-network providers. Our Plan is designed so you know what your out-of-pocket costs are before service is done.

  • Premiums are a tax write-off for a self-employed person or someone who has a "side-job" company or a contract employee.

  • Cost of monthly premiums don't change from year-to-year. They remain consistent. 

  • Easy to sign up and get approved. Monthly premiums collected electronically from us. Very simple to operate and understand.

  • Two plans are offered which provide considerably more options for patients.

We have 2 options for you to choose from


gold Plan

Platinum Plan 

If you have questions or are Interested please call us